Rock Climbing – Whale’s Tail, Eldorado Canyon, CO

CMC Whale's Tail Group Photo
Left to Right: Chad, Chris, Andy, David, and Slava. Leader Clare in Front!

Clare Hanging Out on West Crack
Trip Leader Portrait

I led a CMC trip to the Whale’s Tail rock formation in Eldorado Canyon. It was a chilly fall day, but with very little wind, we’d have a super time. The Whale’s Tail formation is a good place to take a small group of people; I found that no more than 6 people is really the ideal group size.

I have climbed a bunch at Whale’s Tail, so none of the routes were new. However, Slava and I did have a good deal of fun climbing the center route in our approach shoes (on top rope, of course!).

Approach to Whale's Tail
The approach goes either up and over a block behind this tree…or around and to the right of this tree. I protected this exposed traverse for the participants of the trip. I would recommend doing the same, unless climbers are comfortable with exposed scrambling.

Looking Down from the Slot at Whale's Tail Approach
The view down from the exposed traverse! This is why I protect the traverse…it’s a long fall!

Slava Leaving Whale's Tail
If you scramble up and over the block behind the tree, this is where you come down…the big squeeze crack below Slava is fun.

Chris Climbing West Face
Chris climbing the West Face.

Clare Climbing West Dihedral Clare Sewing Up West Dihedral
I’m decorating the West Dihedral with Pro!

Chad Placing Pro on West Dihedral
Chad cleaning gear before finishing West Dihedral

Chad Climbing Whale's Tail
Chad at the top of the West Dihedral. Strong climber and mellow guy!

Climbers Love Crunchies
Our best attempt to secure sponsorship from Crunchies. Unfortunately, the picture has been posted on the internet for months and no calls.

David Belaying on Whale's Tail Ledge
David Belaying from the Ledge

David Climbing West Crack
David climbing West Crack

The Guys on Whale's Tail Belay Ledge
My Peeps on the Ledge! Everybody having a blast.

Whale's Tail Ledge From Top of West Dihedral
Looking at my Peeps from the Top of Whale’s Tail. They look small.

Andy Excited to Climb
Andy preparing to climb.

Andy Climbing West Crack
Andy climbing west crack.

All in all, a great day on the rock. Nobody was injured and everybody had fun. Success!

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