17th Annual Colorado Brewers Rendezvous – Salida, CO

Dancing to Zydeco at CO Brewer's Rendezvous
Rocking Out at the Colorado Brewer’s Rendezvous!

After a restless night in the truck, we headed to Patio Pancake Place to fill our bellies with good ole’ fashioned breakfast. The food there was very affordable and the serving sizes were generous. We were delighted with our food and service. Today, we would be attending the 17th Annual CO Brewers Rendezvous, so it was important to have a hearty meal.

The CBR is sponsored by the Colorado Brewers Guild. It is therefore, almost all local breweries who are in Colorado. This year, there were 74 brewers attending. During the event, the brewers take the time to tell you how they made the beer, critical ingredients, and their goals for the flavor.

Climbergirls Sampling DAM Beer
My Favorite was a Toasted Pecan Bourbon Barrel Aged Brown Ale, by DAM Brewery of Dillon, CO. Yum!

Three Barrel Brewery - Pemba Sherpa IPA
Erin Really Liked Three Barrel Brewery’s Pemba Sherpa Saison Ale.

For Erin, it was an opportunity to learn how she might improve her future home brews. For me, the details were a bit mind numbing – but then, so was the copious amounts of alcohol.

Climbergirls Waiting In Line at CO Brewer's Fest
Waiting to Enter the Beer Fest

Bluegrass Band Entertains the Line at CO Brewer's Rendezvous
Entertainment While In Line!

While waiting in line for the festival, we ran into a bunch of folks from Denver/Boulder area and they were super nice. They invited us to pull up chairs by their grassy spot. They had made sandwiches ahead of time and offered me one, to my delight.

There is only cash in the festival and seeing how I only carried a card, the sandwich offer was really generous, so Thanks to the Nice People from Denver/Boulder!

CO Brewer's Rendezvous in Salida is a BLAST
Oh, yeah, Hot Climber Chicks enjoying the festivities!

Cockatoos at CO Brewer's Rendezvous
Cockatoos at the CBR

Rad Shirt at CO Brewer's Rendezvous
My Pick for T-Shirt of the Day Winner!

The Duff Man at CO Brewer's Rendezvous
Duff Beerman was there, so you know it’s a party!

Erin and Strange Brew Guy
We LOVE Strange Brewing Company of Denver, CO! They are awesome.

For the $35 entry fee, you score a commemorative pint glass and as many 4oz samples as you can drink, over the course of a 4 hour period. The event goes from 1-5pm. During the event, they had a zydeco band and plenty of food vendors. It’s right by the river, so it’s a very nice setting.

At 5pm, the cops go around and make sure all the taps come out of the kegs. So, in the snap of a finger, everything is over. At this point, there is not much to do, except enjoy the buzz or get dinner. I had been drinking root beer the last hour, so I was good to drive us home.

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