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17th Annual Colorado Brewers Rendezvous – Salida, CO

Saturday, July 13th, 2013

Dancing to Zydeco at CO Brewer's Rendezvous
Rocking Out at the Colorado Brewer’s Rendezvous!

After a restless night in the truck, we headed to Patio Pancake Place to fill our bellies with good ole’ fashioned breakfast. The food there was very affordable and the serving sizes were generous. We were delighted with our food and service. Today, we would be attending the 17th Annual CO Brewers Rendezvous, so it was important to have a hearty meal.

The CBR is sponsored by the Colorado Brewers Guild. It is therefore, almost all local breweries who are in Colorado. This year, there were 74 brewers attending. During the event, the brewers take the time to tell you how they made the beer, critical ingredients, and their goals for the flavor.

Climbergirls Sampling DAM Beer
My Favorite was a Toasted Pecan Bourbon Barrel Aged Brown Ale, by DAM Brewery of Dillon, CO. Yum!

Three Barrel Brewery - Pemba Sherpa IPA
Erin Really Liked Three Barrel Brewery’s Pemba Sherpa Saison Ale.

For Erin, it was an opportunity to learn how she might improve her future home brews. For me, the details were a bit mind numbing – but then, so was the copious amounts of alcohol.