Rock Climbing – Spring Storm Over Seal Rock

Jen and Clare at Base of Seal Rock
Jen and I are still hopeful to climb. This was when the sky was still clear!

The base of Seal Rock was still covered in snow. The route looked wet in spots, but still possible to climb had the weather remained clear. Unfortunately, upon our arrival to the base of Seal Rock, there were suddenly several little white puffy clouds. Hmmmm, what do we do now?

When climbing on the eastern side of the flatirons, one can’t see the west side. Thus, since many storms come from the west, it can be dangerous to attempt a climb if there is ANY doubt of weather. The Accidents in North American Rock Climbing book is full of people who have been caught in a storm on a flatiron. Wet flatirons are slick and prone to breakage. So, just say no!

While we discussed the risks, we watched in dismay as the small clouds quadrupled in size and started banding together. We decided to forego the climb. We had a nice hike back to the car and we got graupeled on for the last 30 minutes. Whew, disaster avoided. Justified by our smart decision; we climbed at the new climbing gym in Golden where we could be certain of our safety.

Seal Rock Spring Storm
Looking back at Seal Rock and the Spring Storm

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