Boulder Canyon – The Riviera

Riviera Crag

Xanthe, Kristi, Brian, & Clare at Riviera

On Saturday, I met with Kristi, Xanthe, and Brian in Boulder Canyon. Our desire was to climb, and our hope was for stable & sunny weather. I’m happy to report our expectations were met. We climbed from about 10:30 to 14:30, and we only saw two other couples at the crag. There were also two dogs, but they were well behaved beasts.

Pullout for Riviera View from Rivierra to Boulder Canyon Creek

Riviera is a south facing wall, and comfortable to climb on a sunny 50 degree day. The rock is a nice granite material with slopers & cracks & ridges. The climbs at the crag are generally mixed climbs, there are bolts and a lot of the climbs have chain anchors.

Kristi, Xanthe, and Brian Prepare to do Battle at Riviera

Although, we found out the hard way that Chouette doesn’t have an anchor per se. It has one bolt and a narrow tree, neither of which I though appealing for a top rope set up…so I just down climbed to Splash and used the fixed anchor rather than bringing my second up and trying to figure out the way down the backside.

Brian Stays True to Le Nouveau Riche (5.10)

Kristi Approaching First Bolt of Topless Etiquette (5.8)

Xanthe Busting the Moves on Bosch Blanket Bingo (5.9)

Kristi Crusing Bosch Blanket Bingo (5.9)

Climbs accomplished:

Chouette 5.6 (L)
Splash 5.7 (L)
Le Nouveau Riche 5.10 (TR)
Topless Etiquette 5.8 (L)
Bosch Blanket Bingo 5.9 (L and TR later)

After climbing, we dropped our packs in the Subi and then we hiked back up the hill to check out another crag…we thought we were headed to Happy Hour. But, I guess I turned right at a fork (instead of left) because we ended up at the base of the Lower Security Risk crag. It was a strenuous 20-30 minutes hike, but I’m happy we got to check it out. Looks like a neat area, for next time.

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