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Emma’s 13th Birthday

Friday, January 15th, 2010

Emma at Family Birthday Party
One advantage Emma has, over other girls, is that she has immediate family in separate states. So, when she turned 13, she got two birthday parties; one in California and one in Denver. (If our brother Jon had thrown her a party, she could have had 3 parties!).

Emma's Family Birthday Party
In California, we took her out for Thai food, and she had a large white cake with Fresh Strawberries and Thai Coconut Ice Cream.

Emma's 13th Birthday Party
In Denver, she had a sleepover and the girls enjoyed Pie & Ice Cream. The following day, we took them to the Denver Aquarium (pricey!!!). I liked how the Aquarium had an extra focus on the local stream & river environmental systems, that was a nice touch. The downside is that 12 year old and up are considered adults! It was quite a bit overpriced, in my opinion, but we all had a nice time and learned something while we were there!

After two weekends of celebrations, I was worn out completely. But, I’m sure she’ll always remember the beginning of her teen years!

Cross Country Ski – Devil’s Thumb Ranch

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

Devil's Thumb Ranch Topo
On January 2nd, Dennis & I went cross country skiing with Dan F., Marcia, and Mike. The weather was okay, except a little snow blizzard that descended on us for about 30 minutes. We skiied for about 3 hours and went 8 miles. Above is the route & the topo map of our ski. By the way, I love my new Garmin Fortrex!