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Mountain Biking – Cherry Creek State Park

Friday, June 6th, 2014

Dennis Riding Cherry Creek State Park Trails

Cruising Cherry Creek State Park
On our Friday off, Dennis and I went for a nice, mellow bike ride around Cherry Creek State Park. We knew there were going to be afternoon thunderstorms, so we wanted a ride which was close to shelter. The trails of CCSP are wide and not technical, so we were able to ride fast, if needed.

Going Down the Practice Ramp
First, he took me to the practice course, where I took several laps around the beginner’s loop. There are a few obstacles which are at just the right level of difficulty for me. I practiced riding with my new clip in pedals and gained some confidence each time I did another loop. (more…)

Mountaineering – Mount Silverheels (13,822 ft) via Northwest Ridge

Sunday, June 1st, 2014

Silver Heels on Mount Silverheels
Clutching our Silver Heels on the Summit of Mount Silverheels

According to summit post, “Mount Silverheels was named after a dance hall girl who during an epidemic of smallpox, was the only woman who stayed in town and took care of the ailing miners. Because of this altruistic act, you could say that Silverheels is literally and figuratively a very beautiful mountain.”

I previously attempted Mount Silverheels on March 30th, but turned around due to winds in excess of 100 mph. In those treacherous conditions, I thought of Mount Silverheels as a malicious and vindictive mountain. It was not at all “a very beautiful mountain”!

However, it was my birthday and I was determined to greet the mountain, and the upcoming year, with a renewed optimism. So, I enlisted the help of my friend Jenny, who is seriously one of the most altruistic persons I have known. With patience and open minds, we attacked the mountain!