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Denver to Edinburgh, Dinner at David Bann, & Royal Mile Walk

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

After a long flight, we made it to London Heathrow Airport. We each managed a couple hours of shut eye during the flight, and we arrived feeling not that bad considering.
London Heathrow Airport - Layover to Edinburgh

A second, much shorter flight, deposited us in Edinburgh, Scotland.

We figured out how to take the bus to downtown Edinburgh, which wasn’t that hard, once we walked outside the airport. (There is no counter *inside* for the bus, you just walk outside and pay at a stand.)

When we got off the bus, we were completely turned around. We almost got lost due to jet lag and a general sense of exaustion. It wasn’t exactly obvious which way was North/South. Finally, some construction worker pointed us in the right direction. Here I am hauling our checked bag up a steep road, what a behemoth!
En Route to Hotel Near Royal Mile

We checked into our hotel (Holiday Inn Express – near Royal Mile) and headed out for dinner. They had recommended a vegetarian restaurant called David Bann so we set out to give it a go! (more…)