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Trail Running – Indian Creek Fifties – A 60K Ultramarathon

Saturday, November 1st, 2014

Clare and Doug Post RaceClare at Indian Creek Fifties Finish Line

On the Day of the Dead, Doug and I ran the Indian Creek Fifties. The Race Director, super nice dude named Sherpa John, apparently can’t do math…it turned out we all got to run 10K “bonus miles”. The course is really beautiful, mostly single track trail which winds from the North Rampart Range Road, to Strontia Springs, via the Roxborough State Park. Trail conditions were nearly perfect and part of the race was on the Colorado Trail!

For the Day of the Dead race, I decided to honor my Grandma Pat, by wearing a tribute to her on my race shirt. I went to a craft store and purchased some fabric markers…

My Race Shirt Front
The Front of my Tank

My Race Shirt Back
The Back. Ode to Grandma Pat