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Mountaineering – Fletcher Mountain Attempt

Saturday, June 22nd, 2013

Fletcher Reflected in Lakes at 12,550 ft
Fletcher Mountain, Taken from a lake at 12,550 ft

Quandary and Fletcher Topo Map
The Topo of Quandary and Fletcher

I would like to climb the Inwood Arete on Quandary Peak. However, the direct start, a large crack, might be full of ice or still wet from the spring thaw! By hiking up McCullough Gulch, we could inspect the route and use the information to nail the timing of the climb. In the end, I decide it’s probably safest to do the climb in August.

The McCullough Gulch Trail Head
The McCullough Gulch Trailhead

On Friday, I met with Erin and we drove her truck, Bertha, to the trail head at McCullough Gulch. It was an easy drive and the gravel road was fairly well maintained. Any car could make it to the trail head, at this time of year. I was still happy we had Bertha though, because we planned to sleep in the camper vs. setting up in a tent.