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Peru – Day 9 – Horseback Riding at Saqsaywamen, Qoricancha, and Paddy’s Irish Pub

Friday, December 19th, 2014

Saqsaywamen Sign
Horseback Riding Near the Saqsaywamen site.

Horse Ranch Above Cusco
The Horse Ranch Above Cusco

Horse Riding Near Cusco
Climbergirl Riding the Slowest Horse on the Planet

Saqsaywamen Panorama
Pretty Views!

Intrepid Horse Riders and Peruvian Family
Group Picture. We met a Peruvian family while we were up there, so we included them in our picture.

Excited to Explore Qoricancha
Super nice Selfie at Qoricancha

On Friday, we decided to do a half day of horseback riding and hiking, up in the foothills above Cusco. It was near the Saqsaywamen cultural site, so we got the opportunity of walking around this ancient Inca sacred place. While on the horses, we had 2 horse handlers accompanying us, but they did not guide us around the ruins. So, it was up to us to explore while on foot!