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Uncle Chet Memorial

Saturday, September 25th, 2010

A Nice Visit with Aunt Shirley & Uncle Chet
Aunt Shirley & Memorial Flowers
We heard sad news today that Uncle Chet passed away. I’m not sure his age at passing, but he had a long life and was devoted to Aunt Shirley. We had a chance to visit with them about a year ago, and it was really nice. Uncle Chet loved to tell stories, and boy did he have some good ones! He also loved watching movies and he had quite the collection.

Visit With Uncle Chet & Aunt Shirley

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

A Nice Visit with Aunt Shirley & Uncle Chet

The day before Thanksgiving, we stopped off at Uncle Chet & Aunt Shirley’s house in La Mirada, SoCal. In the seven years we’ve been married, I’ve never met them and so I was excited to have the opportunity.

We stopped by for lunch and stayed for the remaining part of the day. Chet & Shirley told us funny family stories and filled us in on some family history. It was a beautiful day, so we sat out on the veranda.