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Mountaineering – Hagues Peak and Mummy Mountain, RMNP

Saturday, August 10th, 2013

Climbergirl on Summit of Mummy Mountain
Summit of Mummy Mountain (13,425 ft)

Climbergirl on High Point of Laramie County
Summit of Hagues Peak (13,560 ft)

On Saturday, I joined Linda, Tom, and Georgia in a peak bagging adventure, involving two 13’ers in a remote corner of Rocky Mountain National Park. The main crux with these peaks is the weather. How would we fair if confronted with afternoon storms, so far from the trailhead?

Hagues Peak and Mummy Mountain Topo
Topo Map of My Route

The highpoint of Larimer County, Hagues Peak, is a remote peak in Rocky Mountain National Park, requiring a strenuous, yet scenic hike, from the Lawn Lake Trail Head. While I was there, I figured I’d go for Mummy Mountain too. Mummy Mountain is the 8th highest peak in Rocky Mountain National Park, but it is too short to make even the Tri-Centennial list (top 300 highest peaks in the state of CO).

Hagues Peak and Mummy Mountain Elevation Profile
From the elevation profile, above, you can see how bagging these two peaks in a day is a challenge! It’s just over 18 miles round trip with 6,200 ft of gain, to climb both peaks.

I was prepared to meet the challenge, but what about Tom, Linda, and Georgia?


Mountaineering – Ice Mountain & North Apostle

Saturday, August 3rd, 2013

The Apostles In Summer
The Apostles

Ice Mountain Summit (13,951 ft)
Ice Mountain Champions

North Apostle From Ice Mountain
The Ridge to North Apostle from Ice Mountain and the 14’er Huron in the Background

Doug on the Summit of North Apostle
Doug enjoying the view of Huron (behind him) from North Apostle.

Doug and I left Denver mid afternoon on Friday, drove to the Apostles trail head, backpacked in a few miles, and camped above 11,000 ft. We woke up at 4:30am, climbed Ice Mountain and North Apostle, packed up camp, and hiked back to the trail head (in hail & rain), and drove back to Denver. A most excellent 24+ hours!