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Rock Climbing – Clear Creek, High Wire

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Jenny & Climbergirl Feeling High After High Wire
On Wednesday, Jenny & I took a midweek breather at High Wire Crag. Turns out there were 6 other people who did the same…for a warm spring day, I was not surprised!

We climbed Nickels and Dimes (5.8*), then Pony Up (5.8*), and finished the half day on Stone Cold Moderate (5.7**). Great day of climbing. Jenny learned how to clean anchors; a real accomplishment. It got really cold around 2pm, so we decided to leave.

Munching granny smiths on the way back to Denver I thought, “I can’t wait for summer!!!”. From the smile on Jenny’s face, I think she was feeling the same. Climbing on Real Rock is the Best!!!