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Silver Plume Mountain (12,457 ft) Snowshoe Hike

Sunday, April 17th, 2011

On Sunday, I had a fabulous time summitting Silver Plume Mountain (12,457 ft) along with 7 other members of the CMC. This was my 2nd Co-Lead (aka Leader In Training) hike, and I was fortunate to have Dave as my sponsoring Leader.
Silver Plume Mountain SE Ridge TOPO & Elevation Profile
Dave was thought provoking and challenged me to continually assess the conditions, decisions, and mood of the group. I decided to be a consensus building leader, so my approach was to include the group as much as possible. Dave helped to cement, in my mind, where & when the consensus approach might need to be adjusted-such as situations with a “Big Ego Climber” or “Indecisive Sheeples”.
CMC Silver Plume Snowshoe Team
Lucky for me, we had neither of these situations during this trip. We immediately gelled as a group and had a fun & challenging day! (more…)