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Mountaineering – Mt. Silverheels – Attempt

Sunday, March 30th, 2014

Bross, Cameron, and Lincoln from Scott Gulch
Bross, Cameron, and Lincoln from Scott Gulch.

Erin and Silverheels
Erin fighting to stay vertical en route to Mt. Silverheels.

Cal Topo Silverheels
Cal Topo Map of Slope Steepness, for avalanche preparedness.

Erin and I failed miserably at ascending Mt. Silverheels. We properly mitigated all the objective hazards, but nothing could account for the onslaught of perpetually high wind. It was blowing much stronger than what I experienced with Slava on Longs Peak and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was gusting between 90-100 mph.

I fell over 3 times and I dared not drop my pack for fear that I would land in Oz. The forecast was for high winds gusting between 30 and 40 mph. Next time I try this mountain, I’m only going to go if the forecast is between 0-10 mph gusts…that way if they are off by 50 mph, then I might actually be able to summit!


Silver Plume Mountain (12,457 ft) Snowshoe Hike

Sunday, April 17th, 2011

On Sunday, I had a fabulous time summitting Silver Plume Mountain (12,457 ft) along with 7 other members of the CMC. This was my 2nd Co-Lead (aka Leader In Training) hike, and I was fortunate to have Dave as my sponsoring Leader.
Silver Plume Mountain SE Ridge TOPO & Elevation Profile
Dave was thought provoking and challenged me to continually assess the conditions, decisions, and mood of the group. I decided to be a consensus building leader, so my approach was to include the group as much as possible. Dave helped to cement, in my mind, where & when the consensus approach might need to be adjusted-such as situations with a “Big Ego Climber” or “Indecisive Sheeples”.
CMC Silver Plume Snowshoe Team
Lucky for me, we had neither of these situations during this trip. We immediately gelled as a group and had a fun & challenging day! (more…)