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Rock Climbing – Swanson’s Arete, Eldorado Canyon, CO

Friday, May 18th, 2012

On Friday, I led a CMC (Colorado Mountain Club) climb up Swanson’s Arete on the Redgarden formation. Jeffrey and I had now each led the first pitch up the West Chimney. We had it dialed and we were eager beavers for the summit.

The challenge was to take two lucky individuals past the Red Ledge, up the arete proper, rappel to the ground, and back to the car in a safe and efficient manner. Would we make it to the top before afternoon weather? Would our ropes get caught in the Dirty Deed rappel? Would we have to leave gear? Questions were about to be answered! (more…)

Rock Climbing – Swanson’s Arete, Eldorado Canyon, CO

Friday, April 20th, 2012

Jeffrey and Clare at Start of Swanson's Arete (5.5)
Jeffrey and I climbed Swanson’s Arete. The last time we attempted the route, we had to bail because of high winds. This time, we showed up midday and, thankfully, we were blessed with excellent weather. We started climbing around 2:30pm and finished at 8pm, in the dark! (more…)

Rock Climbing – Swanson’s Arete – High Winds…Bailed!

Friday, April 6th, 2012

Clare After Rappelling West Chimney Jeffrey Still Happy Even Though We Bailed
Jeff and I attempted a spring ascent of Swanson’s Arete. It had been a couple years since I did the route, so I was looking forward to another romp up.

Unfortunately, as we ascended the west side of the Redgarden formation, it got increasing windy. By the time we got to the base, it was a little gusty. After all that stair stepping just to get to the start, we really both wanted to give it a shot. So, we did!

Jeffrey on the Red Ledge
Here’s Jeffrey topping out on the West Chimney Pitch. He did the pitch in about 20 minutes, removing the pro and climbing. Not too shabby!

We decided to call it a day, when we got to the base of Swanson’s and the gusts were non-stop. We met a crazy youth, out climbing with his sister, who still ventured upward…but we decided to play it safe. I think we made the right choice, to save it for another day. The rappel would have been extra gnarly with all that wind…!

Eldorado Canyon – Swanson’s Arete (5.7)

Sunday, September 7th, 2008

Clare at Top of Swanson's Arete
View Looking South from Summit of Swanson's Arete

On September 7th, I met with Eckhard & Galen at Eckhards groovy pad for a day of climbing. We headed out at a respectable hour to tackle some climbs up in Eldo.

Goofball Spotting ICU and UCI

When we got there, it was a madhouse. There were climbers everywhere! Galen bought a guidebook from the Rangers’ Station, and we were on our way. (more…)