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Standard East Face of Third Flatiron – Erin Swings Lead!

Sunday, August 5th, 2012

Two Happy Climbergirls
On Sunday, I met Erin at 5am to hike up to the base of the Third Flatiron. Erin was one of my students in Basic Rock Climbing school with the CMC. She has really taken to climbing and very eager to be leading. A good first multi-pitch lead climb is the Third Flatiron, so we were off for an adventure! (more…)

Rock Climbing – Third Flatiron, East Face (5.6)

Friday, November 11th, 2011

Clare & Jeff Ready to Rappel Third Flatiron

Jeff and I climbed the Third Flatiron on Veteran’s Day. There was one other party climbing with us, but they were nice dudes and so it was okay. Jeff had never led the East Face route, so he did the evens while I did the odds. It worked out really well.

The Flatirons - Boulder, CO View Northward - Third Flatiron Nerd Spotting on Third Flatiron Jeff Launching up Pitch 2 - Third Flatiron

10:30am, started hiking.
12:00pm, started climbing.
3:40pm, summit.
4:00pm, joined another party for one long rappel.
5:00pm, back to packs (It was dark, so we had to use our headlamps!).

The hike back to the packs was treacherous as the trail on the north side of the Flatiron was compressed snow and ice. A few times we slipped, but thankfully we didn’t twist an ankle. Microspikes would have come in really handy!

Rock Climbing – Third Flatiron, East Face (5.6)

Friday, October 21st, 2011

Clare Enjoying Third Flatiron Summit

Wayne - Conquerer of Third Flatiron
Wayne and I climbed the third flatiron on Friday. We had lovely fall weather and came across very few people. It was great to swing lead with Wayne. He hadn’t led this route before, so it was fun for him too. I did the odds and he did the evens.

Rock Climbing – Third Flatiron, East Face (5.6)

Friday, August 27th, 2010

Climbergirl & Lauren Using VFF for the Hike Back
Lauren & I climbed the East Face of the Third Flatiron with her 70 meter rope. We did the route in 4 very long pitches, with way more gear than we should have taken. Extra weight is good for training, right? We had enough stuff for a 120 meter rope (if they make such a thing!).

Wake Up Time: 4:45am
Meet Up Time: 5:10am
Chautauqua Parking Lot: 5:50am
Hiking: 6am
Climbing: 7:15am
Summit of Third Flatiron: 10:45am
Finish Rappelling: 12pm
Back to Packs: 1pm
Lunch at South Side Walnut Cafe where I had the artichoke heart & swiss omelette & french toast. Totally YUMMY!!!

Temps got up to the mid 90s, and again, it was a scorcher. At times, both Lauren & I were uncomfortable as the heat radiated off the rock. Good thing we were fast and started early! Pictures below, (more…)

Rock Climbing – Third Flatiron, Boulder, CO

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

Clare Summit of Third Flatiron
I had to make a second trip to the Third Flatiron, so I could lead the odd pitches of the East Face route. Earlier this summer, I did the even ones and was robbed of the true summit by an afternoon summer storm.
Kris on Summit of Third Flatiron
When Kris suggested an outing up the famed slab, I was all too excited. Woo-hoo! (more…)