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Rock Climbing – Turkey Rocks

Sunday, April 21st, 2013

This weekend, when we disappear into the Banana Belt, we decide to take our gear! For the third weekend in a row, we head to where it’s warmest. Escaping the still chilly air of Denver and heading for the areas south of Pine is a sure way to catch some rays!

Turkey Rocks Road
It had been 5 years since my last trip to Turkey Rocks, so I was excited to return. The last time I was there, it was super hot and totally overrun with climbers.

This time, we would only ever see 4 other people. One couple, we saw at the parking lot, disappeared to climb a different crag (we were headed to Turkey Perch). Later in the day a pair of dudes showed up and they mostly flailed around on some of the harder climbs on Turkey Perch.

Clare Setting Anchors at Turkey Rocks

In any event, we set up top ropes on Left Handed Jew and Honky Jam Ass Crack. Setting up the top ropes was a bit tricky because I forgot how wide the crack was up there. I placed a #4 and a #3, but the #3 was a bit wobbly. Next time, I will bring my #6!

Erin Mock Leading at Turkey Rocks

Our goal for the day was to have Erin practice placing gear on TR and I would come along and check her placements. We did each route a couple of times and then it was time to head home. It was a nice day for climbing and we both had a lot of fun.

Pike's Peak in Side Mirror
View of Pike’s Peak in Side Mirror

All Photo’s courtesy of Erin as I forgot my camera.

Rock Climbing – Turkey Perch

Saturday, October 18th, 2008

Turkey Rocks
On Saturday, Dennis & I met with the Denver Rock Climbing Meetup group to climb at Turkey Rocks. We carpooled with Ryan & Eckhard up to the crag. Turkey Rocks is a bit obscure in terms of location, finding the last turnoff was a bit challenging. We ended up turning around several times, and scratching our heads in contemplation.

Turkey Rocks Chilling Out
When we got to the pullout, there were a few cars there. We hiked about 15 minutes over a ridge, and then descended to the crag. There was a huge contingent of people there. Eckhard, Chris, & I scrambled up to the top and got to setting up some Top Ropes for people to climb.

Clare Belays Turkey Rocks
We had a great day climbing, but there were lots of people, so given a choice, I would have preferred another location. I think Turkey Perch is good if there is a smaller group, and if I’m not looking to get in a ton of climbing. The rock is sharp & solid, so the cracks are very enjoyable.

I climbed the following pitches: Left Handed Jew (5.8), Honky Jam Ass Crack (5.7), Steppenwolf (5.9), and Gobble Up (5.8). I did not bring my camera, so these pictures are courtesy of other climbers at the event…