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Rock Climbing – First Flatironette

Sunday, May 3rd, 2015

Basic Rock School Multi-pitch Group Shot
From L-R: Andy (Assistant Instructor), Seth, Climbergirl (Senior Instructor), Peter, Becky, and Elizabeth

On Sunday, Andy and I took our Basic Rock Climbing Students up their first multi-pitch climb, the east face of the First Flatironette. It is a very mellow climb consisting of two pitches, with a huge tree-ledge in the middle. Students had passed their knot tying and belay exams earlier that morning, so this was trial by climbing!

We started climbing around noon and finished 2 hours later. Everybody got a chance to belay and coil the ropes at the end. It sprinkled on us a little bit as we were topping out, so it was a good lesson in getting an early start. After climbing, we went to a brewpub and celebrated our success!

Basic Rock Climbing School – Graduation Climb #2

Sunday, May 19th, 2013

And That's a Rap!
Erin and Clare, Sweet Success on Another Summit!

Climbergirl Prepping to Lower Student

Erin and Slava Hanging Out on First Flatiron

Today, Slava, Erin, and I took two more Basic Rock Climbing Students on their Graduation Climb. Today, James and TeeJay would get to test their mettle against the First Flatiron. I had TeeJay climb with Slava, as I figured they would make a good team. Erin and I took James.

Oddly enough, about 18 months ago, Erin did this climb for the first time, as one of my students. And, now, she gets the opportunity to encourage and help others with their first time. I was very happy she agreed to come along it’s a totally different experience, when others are depending upon you to be the expert!

James Climbing First Flatiron

Turns out, James completed the first pitch (which was awesome!). After the first pitch, he was satisfied with his experience, so he decided to have us lower him. And, since James is an awesome dude, he hiked around to the backside of the flatiron and met us when we completed the climb!

TeeJay and Slava on First Flatiron
TeeJay and Slava on First Flatiron Summit

TeeJay did great on the climb. Plus, this guy is always smiling! Slava and he climbed rather slow, but it was Slava’s first time leading this climb and it was TeeJay’s first time cleaning a multi-pitch climb. Also, TeeJay couldn’t get one of my pieces out, so some guy with dreads came along and cleaned it for him. So, I got my gear back (yay!).

Overall, I was happy things worked themselves out. We celebrated our success at Southern Sun. Doesn’t get much better than that!

Basic Rock Climbing School – Graduation Climb #1

Friday, May 17th, 2013

Self Portrait at Base of Wind Tower
Excited to climb Wind Ridge!

Kimberly and David Ready to Climb
Kimberly and David Ready to Climb

Kimberly Finishing Pitch 1 of Wind Ridge
Kimberly Climbing Wind Ridge-She Rocked it, Big Time!

David Climbing at Whale's Tail
David Climbing Whale’s Tail

Today, I took two of my students, Kimberly and David, on their graduation climb. Kimberly and I did Wind Ridge and then we headed over to Whales Tail. It was a nice day for climbing and we all learned some lessons. For example, I learned of a better spot to put my first anchor on Wind Ridge. I had been placing it on the slab, just over the edge, but from now on, I will place it in the crack, out on the face!

Basic Rock Climbing School – Instructor

Sunday, April 28th, 2013

Basic Rock Climbing School Spring 2013
Pictured above: David, Slava (Assistant Instructor), Wendy, Roger (Assistant Instructor), Kimberly, Zack, myself, James, and TeeJay

This spring, I volunteered to be the Senior Instructor for the Colorado Mountain Club Boulder Section’s Basic Rock Climbing School. This means, I was in charge of picking our field trips, ensuring everybody was safe, selecting assistant instructors, and teaching the techniques, theory, and application of course material.

It was quite the undertaking, but by having Slava and Roger as my assistants, I felt much more confident we would have success. Roger is the Chair of the Boulder CMC Council and has been one of the knot testers for the club in past years. Slava is a serious mountain man and somebody I definitely trust at the other end of my rope!